Organic Rankine Cycle System Acquired from GE, the Clean Cycle TM ORC

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Clean Cycle Orc Technology acquired from GE

Organic Rankine Cycle Technology (ORC) Clean Cycle TM acquired from GE. This unique ORC System transforms waste heat to power using only 155 C° hot water recovered from industrial processes, biogas plants, biomass plants, combined cycles with reciprocating engines, and gas turbines.

Organic Rankine Cycle System Key Features

Simple Grid Integration

Electricity produced by the generator is conditioned with power electronics to match any grid frequency automatically.

Turnkey Package

Complete assembly requires only heat input, interconnection, and minor control integration to begin producing electricity.


The unit adjusts to the heat provided to it, including startup, adjusting to fluctuating loads, maximizing output, and shut-off when needed.

Low maintenance

Core generating equipment has no gearbox, no oils, no lubricants, no external rotating seals, and does not require manned operation; maintenance is typically performed by existing on-site personnel.

Organic Rankine Cycle Units Installed Worldwide
Operating Hours & Counting


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Intelligent Energy Production

Heat is just another form of energy, and it is frequently released out the stacks of industrial facilities, power plants, compression stations, and many other facilities. Our technology converts heat from a variety of sources into clean, affordable electricity, which can be either sold back to the grid, or offset electrical costs.

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Why Clean CycleTM ORC System?

  • Magnetic Bearing Turbine
  • Oil-Free Operation
  • Zero fuel required
  • Zero emissions produced
  • Low maintenance
  • Redeployable
  • 24×7 continuous operation

ORC System with Proven Performance

With a growing fleet of greater than 100 units and more than a million operating hours, the Clean Cycle ORC System is a leader in the heat to power industry. Our units are even pre-assembled to simplify installation and operation.

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